How to Get the Best Out of Ghost Mannequin Services

Ghost mannequin, also known as “neck joint”, is a way to illusion a garment product in a 3D view without making use of a model. It can also be referred to as “invisible photography”.
Just like several other artistic and photographic effects, ghost mannequin can be done with a number of tools such as Photoshop. In fact, Photoshop is one of the most important tools for mannequin services.
But this does not imply that anyone can pick up Photoshop and become a mannequin expert. Mannequin is an extremely professional process that requires experiences and expertise. You need to understand how to pose the model, assemble the mannequin, and also perform the relevant styles on the product. Several professionals make use of ghost mannequin services. Ghost mannequin is mostly relevant in industries like fashion, magazines, e-commerce, and a host of other businesses.
The relevance of ghost mannequin to online fashion industry cannot be overemphasized. Too often than not, fashion garments need to be shaped and fitted appropriately in order to catch the attention of prospective buyers. Neck joint becomes highly relevant to do all these.
Invisible photography serves the same purpose as a mannequin to digital shoppers. It involves a number of other processes such as color clipping and also editing of various designs, shape, and color to match the exact requirement. In addition, this can be done for both men and women products.

Processes Required For Excellent Ghost Mannequin Services

The essence of ghost mannequin is to make the apparel become eye-catching. To achieve this goal, some preprocessing activities need to be done. Firstly, the photographs should be taken at different angles. Specifically, you need to provide the photo of the mannequin in a static position. Usually, you are required to provide a sort of perfect image, but this may not be easily obtainable. In fact, most people find it extremely difficult to get a good image positioning for their mannequin.
However, we can still work on any image you provide and tailor it as much as possible to the perfect image we need for your mannequin.

For instance, if your photograph does not reflect the exact quality we need for the mannequin, we can add effects, shadows, and even pose a model that will make it fit as much as possible. We follow the required processes to ensure that your photograph is given the 3D effect required to make a perfect mannequin.
However, these are not the only preprocessing processes you need to make a perfect ghost mannequin. You also need to clean up the dress so as to reflect the high quality you have in mind after all the essence is to show the world that the dress has the needed quality.

Cleaning up the dress may involve several processes, such as shaping the garment fabric with a steamer to reveal its quality, removing small spots with spot cleaners, and cleaning and putting the cloth in shape with a dryer.
Sometimes, models may not be available to fit the clothing and this may make it difficult to create the intended mannequin. In such a case, moulded body can be used as an alternative to achieve the same purpose. A moulded body is a cheaper option and also has some benefits over models.

The shooting of the apparel is also very important. The product should be captured in a fashionable way. How the photograph is shot matters a lot and determines the style and fitting of the product.

Caveats and What to Avoid

To get the best result on your mannequin, the photo shooting should be done in a perfect light condition. In addition, the product preparation processes, as shortly outlined, must be carefully followed.
Another important caveat to look out for is clearing the mannequin torso. Most people end up creating a poor mannequin simply because they ignored or forgot to do this. It is also necessary to make use of a camera in the best condition and the best setting for the photo shoot and also the mannequin should be placed in a matched background.

Why You Need New London Studio

The processes involved in creating a ghost mannequin may be elusive. This is why you need professionals to handle the process for you. The services offered by New London Studio speak for them. This is a team of highly experienced, skilled, competent designers, with decades of experiences in the use of Photoshop.

New London Studio guarantees the best result and quality in every aspect of their services. The pricing for this service is made as cost-effective as possible and also discounted offers are provided. You are also guaranteed fast and friendly support, regular updates and the best packages. Some other services offered here include clipping path service, color path or masking service, background removal service, logo design service, and background removal service.