Color Path or Masking Services

One of the most vital aspects of photography is to combine images, add effects and transition to images in order to improve their appearance and aesthetics. Several photo-editing software tools could be used to achieve this but one of the most important software tools to improve the appearance and effect of a photo is Photoshop.

Photo masking primarily involves a combination of images. Sometimes, these images are swapped. A person’s head in the image may be swapped with someone else’s head and the image may be edited on. In addition, effects and transition may be added on the image and at the end of the day, the image may look a lot different from usual.

Photo masking could be of different types and it could range from simple to complex masking. Some of the most common types of photo masking include transparent masking, translucent masking, layer masking, hair and fur masking, channel masking and so forth.

Each of these types of masking varies, especially in their difficulty levels. In addition, the price for the masking process may be different with respect to this difficulty level.

The term “Mask”

The word “mask” is quite intuitive. It simply implies controlling the transparency of an object. Used in this context, masking involves controlling the transparency of a particular portion of an image. Usually, only a specific section is masked in order to achieve the desired effect.

Masks usually consist of a grayscale channel that covers the image, making it possible for the image to be faintly seen through the mask. Furthermore, masking serves a specific purpose of disguising sensation.

Photoshop allows users to apply basically two types of masks, these include clipping masks and layer masks. If the object to be masked is an image, the layer mask is a more appropriate option than clipping mask.

Relevant Tools For Masking

To properly mask a layer in any software application, you need to make use of the right tool. Masking would be impossible without the use of the right software and a perfect masking would not be possible without the right tool.

Furthermore, masking tools may be classified into two types, namely, tools for creating masks and tools for modifying the mask. Each of these tools is important and need to be used by a professional to make sure that a perfect mask is created.

The tools are dependent on the software application in question; the following tools may be used in Photoshop; chisel tool, blur tool, perfect brush, quick mask tool, masking brush, layer masking, translucent masking, transparent masking, channel masking and so forth.


Why Image Masking is Important

Image masking helps to produce the desired image with no change in the expression of the original photo. A portion of the image is edited and effects are added to it. It also helps to separate a desired portion of the original image and to create an attractive and eye-catching image.

Masking is applied in various ways. Images produced via masking are used for cover pages, ads, and visually-appealing photos. Such images can also be used for various purposes.

Why You Need New London Studio

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Several factors might make image masking a lot difficult. For instance, it might be more difficult to mask images with shadows, especially in their background. This is because shadows make image editing very difficult, however, with the professional services offered by New London Studio, you can have all sorts of images edited and masked.

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